How to wash a throw

Since you can ruin a throw by washing it in a standard washing machine and dryer, you'll need a special strategy to eliminate stains and odors--without it losing its shape and texture.

Throws can unravel and shrink without the right care, but there are ways to keep it looking its best year round. Whether you're washing an afghan throw or a fleece blanket, here's how to preserve your cozy accessory.

Prepare the throw for washing. Afghan throws in particular will need to be "set" so that the colors don't leak and ruin the piece. Fleece and cotton blankets can benefit from this extra step as well. Fill the tub. Mix together the vinegar and water in the tub and submerge the throw into it. Leave it for 45-60 minutes until the throw is soaked through.

Wring out the excess water. Remove the throw from the tub and wring it dry with your hands. Wrap the throw in towels. Use the extra large towels to absorb any extra water, then unwrap the throw and set aside.

Prepare the tub for washing. Add the laundry soap to a fresh tub of water.

Submerge the throw again. Set the throw into the tub and "scrub" any visible stains.

Leave the throw submerged in the water for 5-10 minutes. Repeat the scrubbing process from Step 4 if stains remain.

Wring dry with your hands. Then, wrap up the throw in 1-2 large towels again to absorb the water.

Stretch out throw on flat surface to dry 2-3 hours until damp. Then, hang throw on drying rod using laundry clips until it is dried completely.

Things You Will Need

  • 1 cup of white vinegar

  • Large tub of water at room temperature

  • 3-4 large towels

  • Standard laundry soap

  • Laundry clips


  • Pre soaking the throw helps ease away stubborn stains.
  • Get rid of smells and odors by air-drying in a standard machine dryer for 5-10 minutes on low heat.


  • Avoid washing a throw in a standard washing machine, because it can shrink easily and the fibers can lose elasticity.

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