How to Use Less Water in a Toilet

Conserving water not only saves precious resources, but will save on your water bill, too. If you draw water from a well, saving water each time the toilet gets flushed will prolong the life of your pump, plus save you money as the pump will not have to work so hard. It's a win-win situation whatever your water supply. Read the following article to see how you can save.

  1. Remove the toilet tank lid and set it on the floor where it won't get stepped on as these lids break quite easily. Take your clean, recycled plastic milk or juice jug and fill it with water. This water can be rainwater if you desire to save even more water.
  2. Flush the toilet lever to empty the tank. While the toilet tank is empty, place full plastic half-gallon jug in the bottom of the tank out of the way of the functioning internal works of the toilet. To save fresh water, harvest rainwater from a downspout and flush the toilet with a half bucket of rainwater.
  3. Allow the water to fill the tank up to its normal water level. The toilet will stop filling at the usual water mark only now each time the toilet is flushed, half a gallon of water will be saved. This water savings may seem small, but over just one day, an average family of four will save 12 gallons of water--this adds up to a savings of 360 gallons per month equalling about seven 55-gallon barrels. If you have two toilets with the jug treatment, the savings can be doubled.

Things You Will Need

  • Half-gallon plastic jug (recycled orange juice or milk jug will be fine) filled with water


  • Harvest rainwater in a water barrel placed under a downspout. Use for flushing toilets and watering houseplants.

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