How to Adjust Sliding Screen Door Wheels

After installing a new sliding screen door you might need to adjust the wheels. It's important that the door smoothly flows open and shut. Sometimes an older screen door may also need wheel adjustments. If it is a struggle to open your sliding door, check the wheels to figure out if they need an adjustment.

  1. Pull the sliding screen door open and shut. Look for gaps in the top or bottom of the door. The door must run across the track smoothly and fit in the frame well.

  2. Adjust it by locating the screw at the base of the sliding screen door. There's usually one screw on each side of the door frame at the base.

  3. Turn the screw clockwise to adjust the wheel. The wheel raises in the track causing the door to fit more snugly.

  4. Move to the other end of the door to raise the second wheel by also turning it clockwise.

  5. Test the door by rolling it back and forth. It should fit snugly and run without sticking or shaking. Check the latch to make sure it still works and that the door lines up properly when it's in use.


  • If your door is older, you might want to take it completely out of the frame to inspect the wheels for cracks before trying to adjust them. They may need replacing.

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