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How to Repair a Pivot Door

Jeremiah Blanchard

Pivot doors are typically bi-sectional folding doors such as on a closet or shower. These doors use a central pivot foot or pin which slides on a track. Though pivot doors are convenient, they aren't as stable or secure as regular hinged doors. Problems associated with pivot doors include jamming and coming off the track. Repairing a pivot door is a simple task that requires tools you may have on hand.

  1. Slide the door open slowly and watch the upper and lower track closely to note any problems.

  2. Clean out the track if any debris is evident. Use a screwdriver to scoop or scrape away any visible debris.

  3. Depress the upper pivot foot using the flathead screwdriver. Lift and pull the door out of the lower track. Inspect the pivot foot for wear and tear and check to see if it is loose or bent.

  4. Straighten and tighten the pivot foot. You can turn the foot clockwise to tighten it. You may need to remove the foot's plastic cover and tighten the central screw.

  5. Replace the pivot foot by unscrewing it from the door and screwing in a new one. This is only necessary if the foot cannot be tightened or straightened.