How to Fix Bosch Frontloader Washer Vibration

Chad Buleen

In addition to the vibration of your frontloader Bosch washer causing your washer to move and potentially pull cords and hoses out of their places, Bosch washers that vibrate also are extremely noisy. Because of these annoyances, it is in your best interest to fix a Bosch washer that vibrates sooner, rather than later.

You should have to perform no internal repairs to correct a Bosch frontloader washer's vibration. In order to minimize or eliminate the vibration, all you need to do is level the washer.

  1. Place a level on top the washer to determine which corner or corners are not level with the others. Grip the top of the washer and shake it to feel where the uneven legs are.

  2. Place a small wooden block under the front or rear of the washer to prop the appliance while you work on it.

  3. Turn the locknut on the uneven foot or feet clockwise until it reaches the base of the foot.

  4. Use a 5/8-inch open wrench to turn the leveling feet that must be adjusted. Turn the leveling feet clockwise if you want to shorten the feet or counter-clockwise to lengthen them.

  5. Turn the locknuts counter-clockwise until they are flat against the bottom of the washing machine. This locks the feet into place so that they do not move and become uneven again.