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My Bosch Frontloader Is Off Balance When Spinning

Joe McElroy

A washer that shakes during the spin cycle can cause a whole room to shake. Fortunately, the solution is usually simple. Bosch is the common trade name for BSH Home Appliances. It produces a full line of both front and top loading washers, including compact units that can stack a small drier on top of a washer.

Check the Level

Most Bosch front-load washers have an integrated level in the machine. Check this regularly to make sure your washer is properly leveled. At each corner of the bottom of the washer is an adjustable foot. If the bubble in the level is outside the prescribed range, use a wrench to adjust the feet until it is once more properly leveled.

Lock the Feet

Each of the four feet on the washer has a nut that locks it into place after it has been properly leveled. If any of these locking nuts is not secured, the vibration of the washer will eventually shake it out of level. When the machine is properly leveled, check each locking nut to make sure it is secured.

Balance the Load

Some vibration when the machine cycles up from a slow to a high spin is normal. You can reduce the vibration by making sure each load of wash you put in has a mixture of small and larger items to help balance the load out and evenly distribute the wash during spin cycles. If a load is badly imbalanced, some Bosch front-loaders will stop the spin cycle, let the laundry settle and then start the spin cycle again.

Professional Service

If you have properly leveled the washer and locked the feet, but still have a problem with excessive shaking during the spin cycle, you should contact your installer or contact your local appliance dealer to schedule a service technician. If you have trouble finding a service technician, you can call Bosch directly at 800-944-2904.