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How to Dry Flowers in Cat Litter

Nannette Richford

Drying flowers in the microwave with a few cups of dustless cat litter is a quick and easy way to preserve those beautiful summer blooms for bouquets and arrangements that will last all year. Not only is it quick and easy to do, it eliminates the long wait for flowers to dry naturally, and the only cost is the price of a few cups of cat litter.

  1. Choose flowers that are well formed and free of insect damage. For full thick flowers like roses, it is best to pick them before they have fully opened. Roses in full bloom may not hold together well when dried.

  2. Pick flowers after the dew has dried in the morning and avoid picking any flower that is wet. A sunny clear day is the best time to harvest flowers that you intend to dry.

  3. Fill a microwave safe container with four to six cups of dust free cat litter. There are many types of cat litter available in your pet section. Be sure the bag says dust free.

  4. Make an indentation in the litter large enough to lay out your flowers. It is best to do one or two flowers at a time to prevent burning. Lay the flower on the cat litter and carefully fill litter in around the bloom. Use a spoon to pour litter around and between petals. Be sure the flower is completely covered with cat litter.

  5. Set the microwave on high for two minutes. The litter should not be hot to the touch when it is removed, but be careful as the temperature of individual microwaves vary. Allow to cool and gently remove the cat litter until you expose the flower. Remove the flower from the cat litter and brush or blow away any clinging cat litter. The flower should be dry and firm with no traces of moisture. You may have to experiment with drying times in your microwave to get the results you are looking for.

  6. Display your dried flowers in floral arrangements or in other craft projects.