How to Build Secret Storage Spaces

Everyone is in need of some type of secret storage space for important documents and other valuables that are kept in the home. Finding the right spot depends on each home or the furnishings that are available. There are several ways to build secret storage spaces. Some can be added to existing pieces of furniture and some can be built from scratch. Below are different ways to build and create secret storage spaces depending on individual needs and what's available.

Secret Storage Spaces

Build Secret Storage Spaces
  1. A secret storage space can be added to any piece of furniture that has a drawer. Remove the drawer and place flat documents in envelopes against the back of the dresser. The size of the envelope depends upon the size of the opening. Put the drawerback on its tracks and close up against the envelopes.

  2. Any night stand or end table that has a raised bottom can be made into a secret storage place. If there is a raised bottom, there is an empty space under the end table or night stand. Lift the end table or night stand and slide valuables under it. Place furniture back in position.

  3. Add decorative molding, such as crown molding, to the top of bookcases or cabinets. Make sure they are flush with the top of the cabinet. Measure a piece of wood for the top of the molding to create a shelf. Put hinges on the back of the shelf and attach it to the molding. Open the shelf and place valuables inside. Close the shelf and place decorative objects on top.

  4. Most kitchen cabinet bases have raised flooring (sub-flooring) that can be easily lifted. Remove everything from cabinet. Lift up flooring and place valuables on to the real floor. Valuables should be in a small steel box when using this method. Put the raised flooring back into place. Place removed items back into the cabinet.

  5. Install a safe into a wall and cover with a picture or other decoration. For this, locate the studs in a wall and cut out the sheet rock in between the studs. Make the hole big enough to fit the wall safe. Install the wall safe according to manufacturer's instructions. Place a picture or other work of art over the wall safe.

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