How to Repair a Ceramic Tile Floor

You can replace a damaged ceramic tile with a few tools and a little time.

Repair a Ceramic Tile Floor
  1. Take a trip to your local flooring supply center, lumberyard or home improvement center to find tile to match and replace damaged or missing tile. It's easiest if you can take part or all of a loose tile with you.

  2. Pick up some adhesive and grout mix (some come premixed) to complement the job while at the supplier.

  3. Remove old grout from around the damaged tile with an awl or chisel, being careful not to damage the surrounding tiles.

  4. Chip out the old tile, one very small piece at a time, with a hammer and chisel.

  5. Scrape old adhesive and grout from the floor. This will take some time, but remember: The cleaner and smoother the subsurface, the longer the new tile will stay in place.

  6. Make sure the floor beneath the tile is structurally sound. Squeaks can indicate flexing in the floor, which can cause the tile to pop loose. Correct any squeaks or obviously loose flooring by adding extra nails or screws through the sheeting into the floor joists below.

  7. Spread adhesive onto the back of the new tile with a notched trowel or putty knife.

  8. Press the tile firmly into place. Let the adhesive dry before continuing.

  9. Grout around the new tile. Sponge excess grout and smooth joints.

  10. Let the grout set for 15 minutes.

  11. Wipe off excess grout.

  12. Let the tile dry for 24 hours. Grout can now be coated with clear waterproof grout sealer, which helps to prevent staining, mildew and rot.

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