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How to Remove Grout From Tile After Hardened

Amanda Maddox

Grout is the material that is placed between tiles to seal the gaps. Grout is composed of water, sand and cement, and it hardens quickly into a cement-like substance that is difficult to remove. Removing grout from tile after it hardens is achievable with swift action and the proper tools to prevent tile damage.

Remove dried grout from ceramic tile as soon as you see it.
  1. Remove the grout as soon as you realize it is on the tile. The longer you wait, the more difficult the grout will be to remove.

  2. Scrape the grout from the tile with a plastic scraper. This helps to remove the large chunks. Do not use a metal scraper since it can scratch and damage the tile surface.

  3. Scrape the remaining grout from the tile using solid oak sticks with square edges. Scrape the tile using a small amount of force, being careful not to break the tile. Trim the wood stick with a saw when it becomes dull to keep the edge flat.

  4. Sweep or vacuum the area to remove the loose grout. Apply a generous amount of water to the tile. Scrub the tile with a synthetic scouring pad to remove the excess grout haze. As you scrub, the water should turn the color of the grout. Wipe a large sponge over the tile to remove the residue.

  5. Dip the large sponge into a bucket of clean water. Wipe it over the surface of the tile again to clean the area. Dry the tile with a towel. Keep repeating the process until the grout is removed.

  6. Tip

    Wear gloves when removing dried grout from tile. Wear goggles if there are large chunks being removed. Test the grout removal procedure on a tile that is not being used to make sure you avoid damaging the tile with your tools.