How to Paint Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is a type of wood that is often used as an exterior application on a home or building. If well-maintained, this distinctive wood can hold paint or stain for years. The lifespan of the finish on cedar siding can be shortened if there is any degradation or any discoloration from sun exposure, water stains, dirt or mildew.

  1. Clean the cedar siding with a power washer at least full two days prior to painting. Allow the cedar 24 to 48 hours to dry.

  2. Repair any damage to the cedar siding. Broken or missing pieces be completely replaced with new siding. Holes can be filled with a wood based filler.

  3. Select a paint with an alkyd oil based primer for protection against discoloration. Latex paints can protect cedar siding or use stain instead.

  4. Apply the primer and let it dry. Use a paint sprayer or a brush. Once the primer has set, apply the paint to the cedar siding. Thicker paints may not work your paint sprayer, so check the sprayer's specifications before painting.

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