How to Make Wind Chimes Out of Electrical Conduit

To make wind chimes out of electrical conduit is not only easy, it makes a beautiful sound when the winds blow. By adding different lengths to the wind chime, you will create different sounds. When combined together these sounds make musical masterpiece. The supplies you need can be found around the home or in a construction site discard pile. The wind chimes look charming and make beautiful music when letting you know the wind has picked up. Every home should have at least one electric conduit wind chime.

How to Make Wind Chimes Out of Electrical Conduit

  1. Cut ten pieces of electrical conduit if you do not have different size pieces around the home. There should be ten different sizes including some shorter ones. The sizes should vary for different sound affects.
  2. Drill a hole through the electric conduit straight through to the other side. You will have ten pieces of conduit with holes drill on both sides. It is important to use a drill bit that is long enough to go through the other side so the holes are even.
  3. Drill ten holes in the sheet metal piece. The holes only need to be large enough to insert two pieces of fishing line and the screw. Drill the holes evenly spaced out on the sheet metal plate. Drill one hole in the center. This will be the hanger hole.
  4. Cut ten equal piece of fishing line. The fishing line is going to be inserted through the electrical conduit holes and up through the hole on the sheet metal. Make the length long enough for this step and to tie it off.
  5. Insert the fishing line through the first piece of conduit and insert through the hole in the sheet metal. Take one screw and insert that through the same hole. Tie the fishing line in a few knots around the screw. Add a nut and tighten to hole the fishing line. Repeat until all holes are filed.
  6. Cut a piece of fishing line to hang the wind chime from a hook. The piece of line goes through the middle hole from the top. Insert a screw from the top side and add the nut. Tie the fishing line in a few knots around the screw, add the nut, and tighten.

Things You Will Need

  • Ten different lengths of electric conduit (one long piece to cut into pieces if needed)
  • Fishing line
  • Drill
  • Three inch round piece of sheet metal
  • Eleven screws and nuts


  • This is simple enough to make and can be done is less than an hour.


  • Wear safety glasses when drilling holes in electrical conduit.

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