How to Repair a Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces make a wonderful cabin-like feel to any home, but when it's in need of repair, you need some specialized tools and a little knowledge to get the job done right. Here is how to repair a stone fireplace so that you and your family can enjoy the warmth and homey feeling that these types of fireplaces offer.

  1. Identify any loose mortar around the outside of the stones. Because of the heat cycles the stone and mortar experiences, you may find loose mortar between the stones and some may even fall out.

  2. Have a professional examine the state of the chimney. Consider placing a chimney liner in while you do the repairs. Often, house fires happen when a chimney falls in disrepair and a liner will assure years of trouble free and safe service of your stone fireplace.

  3. Remove loose stones and mortar and clean all surfaces of any loose debris. Use a stiff wire brush to make sure you have all loose mortar cleaned out.

  4. Re-mortar the stones with mortar of the same or as close to the same expansion rating as the stones you repair. This is called the Thermal Expansion Coefficient.

  5. Seal with an appropriate stone and mortar sealant suitable for use on your type of stone and mortar for the heat that such stone fireplaces will experience.

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