How to Build a Loft Bed With a Slide

So you want to build a loft bed so it opens up more room below. This will free up your child's room in a way that you never thought possible. It's a great idea to make one with a slide. This gives your child the impression that he is waking up to fun and games each and every morning. Getting up will be pleasant if he has to go down a slide to go down for breakfast. A loft bed will allow more room on the bottom where you could put in a computer or any other item that you need in the room.

  1. Build the base of the bed by nailing together the wood for it. Make sure the two 6 foot pieces go side by side. Then attach the planks for the base evenly so they fit. You will have the basic frame of the bed built. Then nail in the sides so the 3 feet piece coincides with the staircase and the 5 ft piece with the slide. The sides are to go above the posts.

  2. Nail in the 4 posts. Place one in each corner. So the frame is held above by them. Now you have the basic structure standing. Take the 2 slats of wood for the stairs and attach them on the side most convenient to you for climbing up. Nail the steps in to the 2 sides. You now have the steps made.

  3. Attach the support wood to about 2 feet off the ground so the posts are supported. The posts will only be on 3 sides. Leave the fourth open to put in a computer desk or toy chest.

  4. Build the slide now. Take the two pieces of side wood and put the slats on the bottom. It will basically look like a ladder at this point. Attach the metal slide to it in the middle. Your slide is now done. Then put the top next to the top and nail it in strong.

  5. Paint the whole thing. Choose any color your child likes. Once the paint is dry, put the bed in place and put a mattress on. You are done with the bed.


  • Working with wood could give you splinters. Be Careful.
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