How to Clean a Limestone Countertop

You may think that a limestone countertop is easy to clean, but it actually requires some very specific techniques to keep it looking its best. However, if it's properly cared for, a limestone countertop will keep its beautiful appearance for many years.

  1. Wipe up any spills immediately so they won't penetrate the surface of the limestone countertop.

  2. Wipe a limestone countertop daily with stone cleaner or a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild liquid dishwashing soap.

  3. Remove stains with a mixture of 1 cup flour, 2 tbsp. of mild dishwashing liquid and enough water to make a thick paste. Put the mixture on the stain without rubbing it in, and cover it with plastic wrap. Leave it overnight, scrape the mixture off with a rubber spatula or a wooden spoon, and rinse.

  4. Clean oil-based stains with a mixture of 2 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup flour and enough water to make a thick paste. Continue as directed in Step 3. If the stain persists, substitute ammonia for the hydrogen peroxide.

  5. Mix peroxide with a few drops of ammonia to remove tea, coffee or fruit stains. Wipe the mixture on with a soft cloth, and rinse immediately.


  • Protect your limestone countertop by placing a trivet, folded towel or placemat under any hot pots, pans or dishes.
  • Never use acids, scouring powders, strong detergents or scrubbing cleansers on a limestone countertop.
  • Call a professional to repair any pits or scratches on a limestone countertop. Trying to repair it can often make matters worse.

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