How to Repair a Patio Swing

Nothing is more relaxing than to swing carelessly on a patio swing. However, these swings are exposed to the elements all year round and can easily succumb to weathering and wear. The most common problems that patio swings develop include wood deterioration, paint or stain deterioration, chain problems and hardware rust. Fortunately, it is very easy to repair your patio swing yourself using nothing more than basic tools, a little paint and a little elbow grease.

  1. Fix suspension problems. One of the most common problems that patio swings can develop is pulling out of the wood beam that is supporting the swing. This problem develops because the wrong type of mounting hardware was used or because the movement of the swing has widened the hole holding the suspension hardware and it simply works its way free. To fix this problem remove the old suspension hardware, which is usually a large hook with a screw end. Fill in the hole with wood putty andrelocate the suspension hardware. Wrap the swing's chain around the wood beam suspending the swing and then connect it to the hook. This will provide a little extra support for the swing and prevent the chain from pulling loose again.

  2. Replace broken or rusted chains. This repair is simple to do. Simply unhook the chain from the swing and from the suspension system and replace it with a new chain that has been cut to the appropriate length. If you don't have the tools needed to cut chain, many home improvement stores offer this service.

  3. Oil your swing to stop it from squeaking. After a little time outside the metal parts of your patio swing can rust and can in turn lead to squeaking parts. To fix the squeak simply sand down the rusty areas, clean the affected area with a metal cleaner and lubricate with oil like WD-40.

  4. Repair the finish of your patio swing. Your patio's finish is exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, snow and ice. It is no wonder they fade, peel and chip so quickly. To repair these problems, strip the old finish off, sand it down and repaint or stain your patio swing.