How to Eliminate Odors in a Kitchen Sink

Odors often drift up from kitchen sink drains, and they can be tough to extinguish. Food particles regularly pass through the pipes in this part of the house, and the combination of those particles and moisture yields an excellent environment for bacteria to flourish. Cleaning the sink and drain often is essential, especially if you have a garbage disposal to contend with.

  1. Pour about a cup of bleach into the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Run cold water into the drain for a few minutes to wash away the bleach and any bacteria and food particles left in the pipes.

  2. If the sink drain has a garbage disposal and a splash guard, wet down a small scrubbing brush and scrub the top and bottom of the rubber flaps with the liquid dish soap. Bacteria, food and other smelly things can hide in the folds of the guard.

  3. Turn on the cold water and leave it running. Turn on the garbage disposal. Drop about 10 ice cubes, one at a time and the peel from one orange into the running garbage disposal. The mixture will freshen the disposal and free the blades of any muck that may be stuck on them.

  4. Scrub the sink stoppers and drain strainers with the brush and liquid dish soap.


  • Never mix products containing ammonia with the bleach in this procedure. Do not precede or follow the bleach treatment with a product containing ammonia.
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