How to Build a Drinking Fountain

A drinking fountain can add a lot of functionality to your yard.

It gives your kids a place to get a drink of water without trudging into the kitchen and tracking in half your yard. It is also a project that can be completed in less than a week, for not a whole lot of expense. You need an outdoor water pipe, drinking fountain nozzle, and a simple base.

Install a double faucet connection to your garden hose outdoor faucet, then attach a pipe to this connection and run it to the place you want to install the drinking fountain. Using a double faucet connection allows you to continue using the garden hose. Just run the drinking fountain pipe along your home's foundation to the fountain.

Connect an elbow joint to the end of the pipe and install a vertical section of pipe to the joint that is about 3-feet high. Test the connection by turning on the water, then shut the valve off.

Buy a drinking fountain nozzle and sink bowl from a hardware or specialty plumbing store, and attach this to the top of the pipe. Support the pipe as needed with cinder blocks during the installation. Use the required plumbing connections as specified for your drinking fountain. Seal the connections with plumber's adhesive or solder the connection for a stronger bond.

Lay a square of gravel under the vertical pipe, then lay down a small batch of mortar on top as a foundation. Begin to stack and mortar bricks around the pipe in a simple square.

Build up your brick fountain until you reach the top of the sink bowl. Then fill the inside of the brick foundation with mortar to stabilize the pipe.

Mason the top of the fountain under the bowl to create a sturdy base for your new drinking fountain.

Things You Will Need

  • Drinking fountain nozzle and bowl Outdoor water pipe Bricks and mortar


  • Use strong outdoor mortar that is designed to resist moisture and corrosion. Any type of brick may be used for this project.


  • Place your fountain in an area that is accessible for everyone and will not prevent access to your home, or cause problems for lawn crews or landscapers.

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