Build a Bamboo Tiki Hut

Building a bamboo tiki hut requires few supplies and makes for a fun project to add tropical flare to any location. The hut itself is made solely from bamboo lashed together with rope or something similar. If you have access to bamboo canes, either freshly harvested from a local garden, or store-bought dried bamboo, then all you need is something to lash the canes together. This can be something as simple as a shoestring. Once the four corners have been set up and secured and the roof frame attached, the walls and roof are lined with bamboo canes.

  1. Arrange the bamboo canes as though they are the four corners of a square and bury them to a sufficient depth that they stand freely pointing into the air. Use four bamboo canes that are at least 2 inches in diameter and arrange them as mentioned, keeping in mind that these will serve as the four corner supports of the tiki hut.

  2. Attach both ends of a bamboo cane horizontally to two of the corner supports on the same side, lashing them together with rope. Use bamboo at least 2 inches in diameter. This bamboo cane serves as one of four roof supports forming a square around the top of the four bamboo cane corner supports buried in the ground. Repeat this step three more times, attaching three more similar bamboo canes so that the four corner supports are attached by horizontal cross supports that make a square.

  3. Bury three more bamboo canes in a vertical position in the middle, between each set of corner supports and reaching to the roof supports. Lash the top of the vertical cane to the horizontal roof supports.

  4. Attach bamboo canes horizontally to three sides of the structure to make the walls. Use bamboo that is small in diameter so it is a wee bit flexible. Weave each cane between the three corner supports of the wall. Each end of these horizontal wall sections should be inside the corner supports and outside of the middle supports so that the middle vertical support creates a bowed tension and holds the cane in place.

  5. Lay bamboo canes across the top of the hut to create a roof cover. Use the smallest diameter bamboo possible to reduce weight.