How to Register a Home Alarm System

Electronic alarm systems can automatically summon the aid of police, firefighters and EMTs in an emergency, utilizing precious moments to help you and your family.

But in order for your new alarm system to actually make contact with the local authorities, you will need to register it with them. Registration is typically made very easy through cooperation between the alarm system manufacturer and local governments and police departments. But if you're not sure where to start, just follow these short, simple instructions.

Leaf through the documentation provided by your alarm system manufacturer. Make a list containing the following details: the type of alarm, the name and contact information of the alarm company, the homeowner's name, home phone number and address, the complete names of all authorized persons listed on the alarm account and the names of other nearby and trusted people who could be contacted in the event of an alarm.

Refer to the documentation for special alarm registration procedures outlined specifically by your alarm manufacturer. Some rules and setup tasks may vary from one company to the next. Write down all of the necessary steps you find.

Call your local police station or city hall. Explain that you have purchased and installed a new home alarm system and that you wish to register it with the local authorities. Wait with a writing instrument in hand so that you can write down any specific instructions. Be ready to give out any and all information you gathered in the first step.

Perform any explicit registration steps outlined in both the alarm manufacturer's documentation and your conversation with authorities at city hall or the police station.

Pay any and all registration fees, which will likely be remitted to your local governing agency or the local police. Fees are required in some areas.

Contact your alarm monitoring company to confirm that you have registered the alarm system with the local authorities.


  • If you install a home alarm system, call and inform your homeowner's insurance carrier. It may qualify you for a discount on your premiums.


  • If you install a new alarm system but do not register it, you will not receive an automated response in the event of an emergency. Some cities require homeowners with alarm systems to pay annual registration fees. Most municipalities will fine you in the event of multiple false alarms. Familiarize yourself with the system, and do your best to prevent false alarms from occurring.