How to Build Under Deck Storage

There is a lot of wasted space under a deck that can be utilized for storage. Whether you seal the deck overhead or construct a separate storage container, using the space under the deck is ideal. Most people struggle to find a place to store a lawn mower, or other gardening equipment, yet they have a huge area of wasted space right under their deck. If you are guilty and you'd like an idea about how you can use the empty space, read through the following steps to learn how.

Build Under Deck Storage
  1. Find the location under the deck where you will build your storage bin. The size of the bin will depend on the size of the area you have available. Measure your dimensions.

  2. Place concrete blocks on the ground where your storage bin will sit. Keeping the wood container off the ground is best for preventing the bottom of your bin from getting wet.

  3. Cut to size six sheets of 3/4-inch CDX plywood. Cut one for the top, one for the bottom, three for the sides, and one that will be attached to the front as a hinged door. The sizes will depend on your measurements. Cut the wood on saw horses with a table saw.

  4. Attach the sides to the bottom first. Use exterior waterproof glue on the joints, and then drive in 8-penny gavanized nails. Attach the back, and then the top.

  5. Make sure the front piece is cut the size of the opening and attach one side of a piano hinge to the top of the door with the screws provided. The second section of the hinge is then screwed onto the top edge of the top of the box, horizontally. The box lid swings up and down.


  • Large sheets of plywood tend to bend and shift on saw horses. Be careful while you are cutting the plywood so the saw doesn't catch the wood the wrong way. Wear gloves and goggles when you are working with power tools.
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