How to Build a Swivel Chair

The basics of putting together a swivel chair are simple. There are six main parts to a swivel chair. From there it becomes a puzzle of fitting those parts together to make a complete chair. Gather all of the things you'll need, and if there's anything you don't have, you can buy them at just about any hardware store.

  1. Lightly grease your gas cylinder and begin to assemble the bearing kit on the gas cylinder. There will be about six washers, and they have to be greased before you can attach them to your gas cylinder. Start with the rubber cushion, and follow up with the 15/16-inch washer. Now apply the bearing, which typically has five small balls in it. After the bearing, place a liberal application of lubrication grease around the bearing. Now place the other 15/16-inch washer on the gas cylinder.

  2. Slide the gas cylinder into the chair column along with the bearing kit previously attached to the gas cylinder in Step 1. Apply the smallest washer in the kit on the bottom of the chair column. Insert the clip included in the bearing kit into place at the bottom of the chair column. Check to make sure it's securely in place.

  3. Place the lift cover over the column of the swivel chair. After you have assembled the column of the chair, you can slide the lift cover over the column.

  4. Attach the parts previously assembled in Steps 1 and 2 to the gas mechanism or mount of the swivel chair. From there attach the mount and the column to the chair base. Secure in place with a clip and washer at the bottom of the chair base.

  5. Insert the casters into place at the bottom of the chair base in the caster sockets. Skip this step if the casters have been already been inserted by the manufacturer.

  6. Attach the entire assembled base to the seat of the chair. Use the screws provided with the gas mechanism to secure the seat of the swivel chair to the rest of the chair base.