How to Install Vinyl Siding to Gable

Vinyl gable siding protects the roof exterior from extreme weather conditions.

Install Vinyl Siding to GableInstall Vinyl Siding to Gable
It is quite easy to install. Vinyl siding is one of the more popular materials used on gable roof ends. It is more durable and longer lasting than wood siding, and it is attractive. Hanging vinyl siding properly requires certain tools. It must be hung on a prepared surface, and it has to be installed after the J-channels, light blocks, arches and front door cornices.

Snap a chalk line along the bottom of the gable from one end to the other so you have a straight line as a guide for installing the vinyl siding.

Attach a J-channel across that line. The thickness of the J-channel will be determined by the width of your vinyl siding. Use flat head nails and either nail it to the plywood shear panel, if applicable, or to your studs.

Staple your paper siding on the gable starting at the bottom. Your first piece will overlap the flange of the J-channel that is nailed to the studs, and will sit in the channel. It will depend on the pitch of your roof whether you will need any additional paper. If so, overlap the second paper on top of the first 6-inches. Attach the paper with 1/2-inch staples.

Seal the paper well along the slope sides of the roof with a silicone caulking, from the bottom of the gable up to the apex. Only seal the sides.

Start at the bottom and sit your first piece of vinyl siding in the J-channel. Install the next piece above the first with a 1-inch overlap. Use 1-inch roofing nails along the top edge so that the next piece covers the nail heads. Continue up the gable until you reach the top.

Things You Will Need

  • Chalk line
  • J-channels
  • Flat-head nails
  • Hammer
  • 1/2-inch staples
  • Staple gun
  • Roofing paper
  • Silicone caulking
  • Vinyl siding
  • 1-inch roofing nails


  • Nail in the center of the slot to allow the piece to move in both directions.


  • Do not nail the vinyl siding tightly. Hammer nails in straight, leaving 1/16-inch space between the head of the nail and the panel. The panels should slide back and forth when nailed. Do not nail through the vinyl itself. If the slot has been removed and an under-sill trim can't be used, create a slot with a special hole punch. Don't pull the siding panels up tight during installation. Allow them to hang loose even after they are nailed in place.

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