How to Choose the Right Washing Machine for You

Washing clothes is an essential chore, and sometimes just as you finish one load of clothes there is a pile of dirty ones needing to be laundered. Since laundry plays such a significant part in daily chores, you need to make sure that the washer you purchase is going to work for you.

Inspect all the details of a washer before purchasing it!
  1. Figure out your budget. Washers can be very expensive and have lots of extra features like touch screens and programmable options, or you can go with the "stripped" edition that simply cleans your clothes. The price difference can range in the hundreds of dollars, so make sure that you have a budget in your mind of what you can spend on a new washing machine.

  2. If you have decided to get a little more than the standard machine, you'll need to take a look at which extra features that you want. Some machines come with a hand wash cycle that is actually safe for your delicate garments. Other washers have extra detergent or bleach dispensers that allow you to set the washer and forget it.

  3. Next, what type of washer do you want? There are front-loading washers and the traditional top-loader. The front-loaders are considered "High Efficiency" or "HE" washers. That is because they use less water than a top-loader. While this may sound like a winner, consider the product life and the risks that it imposes. Every time that you load or unload your washer, your clothes will drag across the rubber seal in the door of a front-loader. Especially when laundering rough clothes like jeans with zippers, this wears down the rubber on the seal. In time this causes the seal to leak and now you have flood issues in your laundry room. The average life of a front-loading washer is 10 years, whereas the average life on a top-loader is about 20. "High Efficiency" does not always mean that it is the most efficient use of your money.

  4. Lastly, make sure you know the dimensions of your laundry room before you go shopping for your new washer. A washer that won't fit in your laundry room is of no use at all, so make sure you've got your information before making a purchase.

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