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Are There Bearings I Can Grease on a Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine?

Christie Gross

A Whirlpool Cabrio top-loading washing machine uses bearings to support the tub. The bearings help the tub move efficiently and easily during both the agitation and spin cycles. Yet when the bearings fail, the declining components can cause the washing machine to make loud, unpleasant noises as it moves. The only ways to silence the washing machine are to grease or replace the tub’s bearings.


The tub bearings are located in the center of the washtub attached to the agitator’s shaft on a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine. Bearings are basically metal support joints that allow the tub to maintain its vertical placement during movement. Grease encompasses the joint to ensure it can turn along with the drum throughout a complete wash cycle.

Signs of Wear

If a tub bearing wears, your Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine will roar, squeal or bang while the tub moves. The noise can be heard during both the agitation and spin cycles; however, the sounds are usually more pronounced when the tub spins due to the relatively fast rate of speed that the tub moves. In cases of extreme wear, a bad tub bearing can cause the washing machine to powerfully vibrate as it spins. Bearing noise often can be alleviated by greasing the bearings. However, if the bearings are damaged, you’ll need to replace them not only to quiet the washer, but also to reinstate the tub’s full range of motion.


Although you can grease the bearings on a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine, greasing requires that you obtain the right lubrication. Only apply a high-temperature lubricant to the tub’s bearings that’s specifically formulated for use on washing machines; otherwise you risk permanently damaging the bearings as well as the washing machine. Purchase lubrication or a bearing replacement kit from an appliance retailer that sells Whirlpool products. Consult the Use and Care Guide for your Cabrio washing machine for bearing replacement instructions. Replacement will require that you remove the interior washtub from the washer. If you don’t feel confident performing the repair on your own, contact a Whirlpool washing machine technician to make the repair.


Contact a Whirlpool washing machine repair technician to service the washer as soon as you notice the washer making a strange noise. Although tub bearings should last for several years, depending on how regularly you use your washing machine, you might have to grease and possibly replace the bearings sooner. Upon inspection, the technician might recommend replacing the bearings along with the outer tub. Due to the placement of the bearings on a Cabrio washer, faulty bearings can sometimes cause the tub to sustain lasting damage.