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How to Grease Bearings on a Frigidaire Dryer

Christie Gross

You generally know a Frigidaire dryer’s bearings need greasing when you hear what’s often described as a high-pitched screech or squeal each time the drum turns. The bearings help support the drum as it tumbles. While the bearings start out with ample lubrication to aid in their smooth movement, the grease can dry out over time and with excessive dryer use. The noise that sometimes accompanies the loss of grease is friction generated as the dry metal bearings turn. Knowing how to grease the bearings can help eliminate the unpleasant sound and ensure the bearings’ durability.


Bearings are generally located in back of the drum in the center of a Frigidaire dryer. You can often see a portion of a bearing turn when the dryer tumbles from the rear. Review your Frigidaire dryer’s user's guide for help finding its bearings. You may need to remove the drum from the cabinet to grease the component.


Although sometimes you can access part of a bearing from the rear back panel of your Frigidaire dryer, greasing only in this area doesn’t always remedy the problem. However, you should start by placing one or two drops of high-temperature or heat-resistance grease directly to the bearing to see whether or not the lubrication quiets the dryer. If it doesn’t fully address the problem, then the next step is to disassemble the dryer.


Review the user's guide for disassembly instructions. The ball bearings are behind the drum if your dryer has more than one. Clean off the old, dried grease from around each bearing. Take care not to lose the grounding ball of the bearing, as it can pop out easily once the component is exposed. Apply one or two drops of grease on each bearing so that lubricant covers each entirely. Wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth and reassemble the dryer.


Before you apply grease to the bearings on your dryer, confirm that you’re using high-temperature grease. Since the bearings are often located fairly close to the dryer’s heating element, a bearing is exposed to residual heat, which dries the grease faster. If you have to reapply lubrication every few weeks or months, chances are you’re not using the right grease. Contact Frigidaire for a list of grease brands to use.