How to Repair Linoleum Floors

Cut or ripped linoleum floors can look terrible and are much more expensive to replace than to repair.

Linoleum repairs are quick and easy.Linoleum repairs are quick and easy.

CLEAN - Thoroughly clean the floor including the damaged area. Once it has dried completely you can start step two.

GATHER POSSIBLE TOOLS - You may need some common household items such as a hair dryer, flat head screw driver, towel, heavy object (paper weight or brick) and tweezers. You may also need to purchase some caulking if you do not already have some.

REPAIR - Use the hair dryer to heat up the linoleum where it is torn. Once it warms up enough you will be able to stretch, push, pull the linoleum back into its orginal place. Be careful and gentle using the screw driver and tweezers. You may also want to use the handle end of the screw driver to properly move the linoleum back into place.

FINISHING TOUCH - Once you have the linoleum back into place, look to see if there is more than a thin line inbetween the two pieces. If there is a space, use some caulking to fill it in. Smooth the caulking with your finger. Let dry. After the caulking has dried, place a towel on the area, then a heavy object such as paper weight on top of the towel. Let it set overnight.