How to Build a 4x4 Wood Shed

This step by step article is a complete material list, cut list and a walk through of the basic construction needed to build a 4x4 shed.

Build a 4x4 Wood ShedBuild a 4x4 Wood Shed

Material list, 7- sheets of 1/2" OSB, 12- 10' 2x4s, 25- 8' 2x4s. Cut list, all of the following are 2x4s, wall shuds 13- 6'2", wall plates 4- 4' and 4- 3'4", ridge 1- 3'8", rafters 8- 2'2-7/8, fascia 2- 4'3", door 2- 5'7" and 3- 2'4", Then the next cut are 1/2" OSB sheeting, roof 2- 2'3"x4'3", side walls 2- 4'x7', door sheet 2'3-3/4x6'4-3/4, Last the front and back wall sheets, take a full sheet of 4'x8' sheeting lay it on a flat surface on the 4' side mark the center(2') then from that same side pull down 1' and make a mark, repeat on the other side then snapping a chalk line from the center line to each side mark, that is a 6-12 roof pitch.(your gable walls) Pick one of them sheets to be the front find the center and make a mark 2'4 wide then measure up 6'5-1/2 cut that sheet out carefully because that is your door sheet and door hole.

Start with your wall plates, there is 4 of each measurement and they make two sets each,(1 set is 1 top plate and 1 bottom plate) on each set of plates marking on the 1-1/2" side get a center line and put a X to the right of that line then put one X on each corner,(the X marks where we will put a wall stud) Start with one set of plates at a time and frame in the plates with the studs using 2 16-D nails into each stud and plate or 4 per stud. After all walls are framed set them up to build the outside box of the shed and nail them in solid. Add all the sheeting around the frame nailing with 8-D nails putting them into the studs ever 8"s. Use the 4 2x4 door cuts to rap the inside of the door sheet that is cut out, then set the door in place and add the hinges about 6" from the top and bottom.

The roof, To start when cutting your 2'2-7/8 rafters that is from long to short of a 22-1/2 degree angle and or 6-12 pitch. so when your looking at the 3-1/2" flat side of the board the angles are pointing the same way, and when you place two together you will see the pitch of your roof. Start by adding one rafter cut on each side of the sheeting on the front and back gable walls 8 total will be installed, add in the 1 ridge cut at the tops of your two gable walls with 2 16-D nails on each side, add one fascia cuts on each side of your non-gable walls at the end of your rafters with 2 16-D nails of fascia into each rafter. Last add on your roof sheeting with 8-D nails trim off any little edges and add a some paint, roof shingles and a lock and your all set.

Things You Will Need

  • saw, speed square, hammer, tape measure, chalk line
  • 2 door hinges
  • 2x4, 1/2 OSB, paint, roof shingles, lock


  • Plan for success because no plan is a sure plan to fail.
  • alwaya wear your safety glasses