How to Build a Fountain Out of Flower Pots

Do you like the sound of flowing water? Fountains and water gardens are all the rage in landscaping design these days. Instead of an extensive excavation project, consider making an attractive fountain out of flower pots for your deck or patio. They can be made in any size or pattern, this flower pot fountain will add beauty to your yard.

Make an attractive fountain
  1. Clean all flower pots thoroughly before use and allow them to dry. Choose a pot with no hole, or fill the hole with sealant, for the base of the flower pot water fountain. This base pot should be painted or otherwise sealed on the outside to prevent water seepage and excess evaporation.

  2. Place the submersible water fountain pump in the base of the largest pot. Be sure the water intake opening is not obstructed at all. Attach a sturdy plastic tube to the top of the water fountain pump or use a thick flexible tube. Cut this off flat at the height you wish your fountain to be. It should be a little less than the height of the flower pots combined. Run the electric cord up and out of the pot near the back.

  3. Place one of the plastic plant stands in the base flower pot. The plant stands must each be small enough to fit inside the flower pots you are using. If you cannot find plant stands like this, you can use bricks to support the flower pot at the appropriate height. If necessary, cut off the legs of the plant stand so the second flower pot's base is at least one inch below the rim of the base pot.

  4. Position the second flower pot on top of the plant stand in the base flower pot for the fountain. The brim of this pot must be smaller than the one below it so the water runs over and cascades down instead of making a big mess. Run the plastic tube for the water through the hole in the flower pot as you slide it on. The tube should fill the hole up, or plug the hole completely with sealant of some sort. If desired, attach the flower pot to the base with waterproof sealant.

  5. Place the third flower pot on top of the second in the same manner: First put the plant stand inside the middle pot and then the flower pot on top of it. You can use only two flower pots for your fountain, or add additional ones in increasingly smaller sizes. Making the flower pot fountain too tall can make it difficult for the pump to work efficiently. Cut off the tube so that it ends inside the top flower pot of the fountain.

  6. Allow all sealant to dry thoroughly before filling the fountain with water. Begin by filling the bottom pot completely with water and turning on the pump. The water should be pumped from the bottom pot and come out of the tube inside the top pot. As the water is pumped out of the base pot, continue filling it with water until all three pots are filled and the water is flowing over the side. Do not allow the pump at the bottom to run dry. Your flower pot water fountain is now complete and ready to enjoy.


  • Watch for evaporation and top up the water regularly.
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