How to Create a Spiral Bound Recipe Book

It is easy to accumulate hundreds of recipes that have been clipped from magazines or newspapers or hastily written down during a cooking show over the years.

Keep track of your recipes with a spiral bound recipe book.
Organizing and managing all of these recipes can be difficult. One effective way of managing your recipes is to create your own personal recipe book. By simply using word-processing software like Microsoft Word, you can quickly assemble a useful book containing all of your favorite recipes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a spiral bound recipe book. .

Gather all of the recipes you would like to include in your recipe book. Organize your recipes by categories such as appetizers, poultry, pasta, seafood, desserts and holiday cooking.

Open Microsoft Word and create a new document file that will hold all of your recipes. The first page will be the cover of your spiral bound book. Insert a photo, graphic or image and add a title and description. Customize your cover to reflect your personality.

Leave the second page blank. This will be for the table of contents that you will add later. On the third page, begin entering your recipes. Input one recipe per page and keep them grouped together in their respective categories.

After you have entered all of your recipes, go to "Insert" in the main Word navigational menu. Select "Page Numbers." In the options window that pops up, select where you want your page numbers to be positioned on the page. Click "OK." Word should now automatically add page numbers to your entire document.

Go back to the second page of your document. Create a table of contents and put each category on a new line. List the page number of the first recipe that starts each category. Spell check and proofread your document.

Print out your entire document. Carefully collate them and make sure they are in the right page order.

Go to your local copy center. Starting from the third page of your document (where the first recipe begins), ask them to copy all of your recipes so that they are back to back. This will make each sheet two-sided with a recipe on each side of the paper.

Once all of your recipes are copied on to both sides of the paper, combine them with your cover sheet and table of contents page. Ask the copy center to bind all the pages together using a spiral comb. They may offer you a choice between a plastic or metal binding.


  • The most difficult part of this process is gathering together all of your recipes. Spend a weekend finding and organizing all of your favorite recipes.

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