How to Repair a Vinyl Tear

No other section of the house is subject to as much wear and tear as the floor.

Vinyl flooring in particular is subject to the heavy traffic that makes up just the average day, much less those exceptional cases involving toys, horseplay and accidents. The good news is that repairing a tear in vinyl flooring does not require an advanced degree in home maintenance.

Lift the vinyl at the edge of the tear and use the scraper to clean away all of the old adhesive. It is imperative that you remove every bit of this adhesive, or else this effort will ultimately be in vain and you will never get the flooring to adhere properly.

Sand one edge to ensure that the repair is going to lie true and flat. Apply the fresh adhesive to the edges of the vinyl flooring and then press down on the edges with enough force necessary to make sure that the tile sticks.

Place a weight over the repaired area. The weight has to be heavy enough to keep the tile flat against the floor and ensure bonding between the adhesive and the floor. Before placing the weight, however, it is wise to inspect the repaired area to make sure that it is perfectly aligned and not overlapping onto other areas of the flooring. Allow it to sit for at least 24 hours.

Lift the weight and check the repaired area to see if the edge is flipping up again. Even a slight curl upward is a sign to either try repairing or entirely replacing the tile because normal traffic is going to turn that seemingly slight curl into another tear.

Things You Will Need

  • Scraper Adhesive Sandpaper Heavy weight


  • Place a piece of plywood over the tile and some heavy books to act as the weight. This will facilitate an even weight over the flooring.

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