How to Build Outdoor Water Fountains

An outdoor water fountain can add beauty and interest to your backyard or garden. This landscaping project, though the end result looks like a professional design, is quite easy to build yourself. Build outdoor water fountains in an existing pond or a large container and add pleasing sights and sounds to your garden living space.

Build Outdoor Water Fountains

Building an outdoor water fountain adds beauty to yard and garden
  1. Choose a container for your backyard water fountain that is both aesthetically pleasing and watertight. The size of the container needed is based on what type of fountain water spray design you wish to use. Some good examples are large patio flower pots, galvanized metal tubs, pre-made cement water garden containers, and pre-formed ponds. If you have an existing pond in your backyard, it is the perfect location for a water fountain. Test the container you choose for water-tightness before set up.

  2. Attach a rigid plastic tube to the output opening in a small, submersible pond or fountain pump. These can be purchased at most garden and landscaping shops. The tube should be cut with a handsaw so that it is just above the level of the water in the container you are using for the backyard water fountain. Measure the height of the pump and add it to the length of the pipe or tube to get the correct height.

  3. Cover the water intake opening of the fountain pump with a pre-made filter or a piece of netting. This will prevent any detritus from getting in to the motor and ruining the pump. Many pumps come with a filter. You can also attach a hose to the intake opening and position it so the end is off the floor of the water container.

  4. Place the fountain pump in the bottom of the water container so that the rigid tube or pipe faces straight upwards in the center. Screw or clamp on the fountain attachment that you purchased to create the water display you desire. You can also leave the pipe open for a simple bubbler type of fountain. Fountain attachments come in a variety of designs: upward spray, umbrella, and aerator. Use one whose spray will fit inside the container.

  5. Cut a piece of rigid plastic netting the correct size to fit into the top of the outdoor water fountain container. Cut a hole in the center than just fits over the plastic tube. This net will prevent large debris, such as leaves and twigs, from falling in the fountain and fouling the water. It will also help keep the tube upright so the fountain looks the best. Use treated metal or plastic S-hooks to hook the sides of the net over the edges of the water fountain container. In a pond, you can merely place the edges of the plastic netting under rocks on the sides, or forgo this step altogether.

  6. Position the outdoor water fountain container where you want it to stay. Once it is filled with water, it will be nearly impossible to move. Choose a spot that it is close to an electric outlet. Fill the container completely with water and then plug in the fountain pump. Adjust the fountain spray mechanism to get the water cascading or spraying exactly as you want it. The outdoor water fountain is now complete.

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