How to Remove Mirror Tiles From a Wall

Removing tile is not one of the easiest home remodeling projects, but if you are up for the challenge, Here are some directions on how to remove tile, more specifically how to remove mirror tiles from a wall.

Remove Mirror Tiles From a WallRemove Mirror Tiles From a Wall
A word of caution before you begin: If you have never before removed tile, and you are not capable of replacing your wall, you may want to think about learning to love the tile you have, or painting it to make it more palatable. I say this not because I am a pessimist, but because I have done this project and the likelihood is that your wall will be trashed when you are done. If you have plaster walls, you may need to replace the entire wall, and even drywall may be ruined beyond repair and could need to be replaced. That having been said, I am all for doing work around the house yourself, and besides, it's only a wall! Worst case is you hire a contractor to replace the wall.
If your wall looks like this, it's going to be a long day...

If you are still reading this article instead of searching for an article on "how to paint tile", then you are more than ready to begin the demolition. There a few special things to remember when removing mirror tile. First, these tiles are GLASS, not ceramic. Although ceramic can be sharp, it is no where near as dangerous as glass, so be careful and be prepared.

The method for removing glass tiles does not differ greatly from the way that regular tiles are removed. The first step is to tape an "X" on each of the tiles. This will keep the glass intact when the tiles are removed and will deter flying shards of glass. Flying Shards of Glass is a great name for a band, but is not so great when you are standing in the tub, trying to duck and cover without slipping breaking your neck. You get the picture I am sure. Safety first when removing any tile, but especially mirror tile. You should be ok without safety gear during the taping process (unless your tiles are possessed and start flying off the walls, in which case why would you need to remove them?), but before you proceed, I implore you to put on your safety glass and gloves.

In general, to remove tiles you must find an edge where you would like to start. If some of the tiles are loose or have fallen out, this is the ideal place to begin. If not, use the hammer and chisel to work the grout until you can get the chisel under the edge of the tile.

Once you are able to wiggle or hammer the chisel under the edge of the tile, try prying the tile off the wall by applying pressure. The tile should "pop" off the wall, and if you are lucky, most of them will come off this easily.

Should some of the tiles get stuck, as a last resort you can use the hammer to gently break the tile and work on the smaller pieces individually.

Things You Will Need

  • Masking tape
  • Hammer
  • Chisel or small crow bar
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves


  • Clean up can be the worst part of any job. Think ahead and have a heavy duty garbage can ready in your work space. Throw the tiles in there as soon as they are removed for easier clean up.
  • If you can't bear to throw out the tiles when you are done, break them into smaller pieces and use them for a mosaic project such as a birdbath, stepping stones, or a table top.