How to Tie the Halyard on a Flagpole

Having a flagpole with a rope that carries a flag to the top of the pole is not only a patriotic gesture, but it is also considered a stately addition to the outside appearance of your house or waterfront area, if you are so fortunate to live in such a place. The rope that carries the flag aloft is called a halyard, and it's important to learn how to tie the halyard to the flagpole--even if hooks are present at the bottom.

  1. Attach the flag to the hooking devices that are part of the rope that goes to the top of the flagpole. This rope is called a halyard. Now raise the flag as high as it will go.

  2. Pull the halyard tight and wrap the double strands of rope around the bottom hook and pull it upward until it is again tight.

  3. Wrap the halyard in between the two hooks and then back over the top hook in a figure-eight path. Do this until you just about run out of rope. When there are just a few inches of rope remaining, take the end of the halyard, which will be in the form of a loop, and tie a slip knot (sometimes called an overhand knot) around the halyard just above the hook. Do this a second time for good measure and you are all set. Essentially, you are tying the very end of the halyard (or rope) around that portion of the halyard that runs from the top hook up the flagpole.

  4. If there are no hooks, pull the halyard tight and wrap the double strand of rope once around the flagpole. Now wrap the rope around the flagpole a second time and make sure the rope passes between the pole and the halyard. Then, reverse directions and ring the rope around the halyard and continue wrapping the rope around the flagpole going upwards with each loop. When you get to the loop at the end of the rope, tie a slip knot or two around the halyard to secure the knot.


  • Obey proper flag etiquette when you raise and lower the flag.