Homemade Lint Trap

A lint trap keeps a clothes dryer vent clean, giving the dryer a longer lifespan and preventing the risk of fire.

Homemade Lint TrapHomemade Lint Trap
Lint traps are not expensive to replace if one breaks, but there is an even less expensive way to remedy a broken part--create one of your own.

Cut the band holding the loofah together and unravel it. Cut about 12 inches from the unraveled loofah and attach one of the zip ties in the middle. Leave the tie mostly unzipped.

Fold the loofah over itself, pushing one end through the zip tie loop in the middle. Zip the tie closed.

Locate the vent hose on your dryer. Put the open end of the loofah net over the vent hose and attach it using the second zip tie.

Things You Will Need

  • Loofah
  • 2 zip ties
  • Scissors


  • To clean out this trap, detach it from the vent hose and hold it over a waste basket. Turn the trap inside out and remove the lint by hand. You may wish to rinse the trap off afterward to rid it of the smaller pieces of lint.

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