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How to Splice Bungee Rope

Russell Wood

Whether you're tying down luggage to your car's roof rack or just securing cargo to your boat, a bungee rope comes in handy because of its flexible nature. If you need to extend your current bungee rope, or you want to reconnect two halves of a broken rope, one method is to use a splice fastener. This secures the two bungee ropes together, using a tight connection. Installing one takes just a few minutes.

Splicing a bungee cord together takes a few special tools.
  1. Slide one half of the bungee rope into one side of the bungee splice fastener, with at least 1 inch of rope showing through on the other side.

  2. Slide the second half or portion of bungee rope you want to connect through the other half of the splice fastener, so there is at least 1 inch of rope on the other side.

  3. Drive the stainless steel pins from the bungee splice fastener kit into the holes in the bungee splice fastener using the hammer and following the sequence on the fastener kit. Install all of the pins provided.