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How to Install Hurricane Ties to a Pergola

Kimberlee Leonard

Pergola is designed to allow the elements to penetrate the wood beams. Sun, wind and rain make their way easily through the slats but hurricane conditions can pull up each slat one by one and toss them like toothpicks. This is not only destructive but extremely dangerous. You can reduce the risk of hurricane damage by installing hurricane ties to your Pergola.

  1. Choose a hurricane tie that has a joint that allows you to bolt the beam into the rafter. Hurricane ties will sit flush along the rafter and then have a firm joint that is bent so that the tie will also sit flush against the beam.

  2. Center each rafter over the beam.

  3. Position the hurricane tie on the rafter to extend down to the beam below.

  4. Drill the tie into place on the rafter. There should be between two to six screws to attach the tie to the rafter with another set to attach to the beam. You may want to screw one or two in and then move on to the beam to make sure it is positioned properly before screwing everything in securely.

  5. Drill the tie in place on the beam. If you did not do all the rafter screws, you will want to go back and finish those at this time.

  6. Secure all screws.

  7. Repeat steps two through six for the other end of the rafter and for every other rafter you have.