How to Unclog a Maytag Dishwasher

Maytag brand appliances are known as very reliable and sturdy home products. Occasionally, dishwashers must be cleaned out from debris that becomes stuck in the drain. If your dishwasher is lacking in performance or seems to be broken, check the dishwasher drain first before you call a Maytag repairman to see if you can fix the problem yourself without paying.

  1. Check all parts of the dishwasher that could be clogged. Start with the drain hose that attaches the garbage disposal to the dishwasher. Make sure to disconnect the power to the dishwasher before you do this through the fuse box or the outlet. Unscrew the long rectangular panel on the bottom of the refrigerator's front in order to find the hose. Detach it. Check for debris, and rinse it with water before re-attaching it.

  2. Check under the faucet cap in the middle of the propellers. Rinse it off and look inside the airway to see if there is any debris to be scooped out. Make sure to put the cap back on.

  3. Clean out any debris from the bottom area of the dishwasher near the metal drain. You may need to dig and loosen clumps with tweezers. If you can see debris way down into the drain, unfold a wire hanger and poke it as far down the drain as you can to clear it out. Clean out as much as you possibly can. If it is extremely clogged, you may need to purchase a new pump system.

  4. Remove the draining basket that may collect food and other large chunks of debris. Do this by unscrewing the corners of the drain basket and emptying it, then clean underneath it. Make sure you screw the basket back on. This is a difficult task, as you must unscrew parts of the dishwasher to get to the draining basket and pull it out.

  5. Confirm that the motor or propellers are not the problem. Push the propellers to spin clockwise to check for resistance, then spin them counter clockwise to check. Look for loose screws, hanging pieces or dents. Consult your Maytag manufacturer's manual for more details.


  • Do not use Drano or other similar chemicals.