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How to Wax Epoxy-Painted Concrete Floors

Epoxy paint has a gloss finish that precludes the necessity of waxing on a regular basis. However, if your epoxy-painted floors have lost their luster, it is possible to apply a couple of coats of wax to protect and shine your floors. The higher traffic the area, the more coats that you will want to apply.

  1. Empty the room of all furniture so that the floor is completely clear. Sweep the room clean.

  2. Combine a mild detergent and water in a bucket and mop the room. Periodically ring the dirty water from your mop. Do not use dish soap on your floors, as this will cause your already dulled floor to lose even more of its shine.

  3. Allow the floor to dry. Inspect the room for any dirt that is still adhered to the floor and remove it using your scrub brush.

  4. Combine the floor sealer with water in a clean bucket as per the manufacturer's directions. The sealer is an essential step, as it binds the wax to your floor.

  5. Apply the sealer to the floor by mopping continuously across the room, refreshing the mop as needed.

  6. Allow the sealer to dry. Clean your mop and bucket once again.

  7. Combine the floor wax with water as per the manufacturer's instructions. Before you begin applying the wax, test a small area in a discreet corner to ensure that the wax does not damage your paint before applying to the entire floor.

  8. Apply the wax to the floor with the mop. Use a continuous motion so that your wax does not dry, adding more to the mop as necessary.

  9. Once you have completely covered your floor, begin again with the next coat. Continue until you have applied the desired number of coats, and allow to dry. Typically two coats are sufficient for a room with normal traffic; use four coats for a higher traffic room. If this is your first time applying wax to your floor, it may take two or more separate applications to gauge the appropriate amount of wax for your room and it's traffic level.