How to Run Electrical Wiring

Running electrical wire is a simple task and can be done in a variety of ways.

You can run wire in the wall, in the attic or under the home depending on your situation. When following the correct steps, you will be successful in a professional-looking run of electrical wire. .

Turn off the main electricity.

Run your wire in straight lines. Do not bend, fold or twist your wire.

Use wire clips by placing your wire in the center, and then hammering them to either a joist in the basement or a stud in the attic. You will run the wire along the stud until the destination is reached to go up into the wall, or down into the wall if from the attic.

Use wire clips in new construction to place the wire on the side of the wall stud. If there is already drywall up, you can fish for the wire with a metal hanger, and there will be no need for wire clips.

Run wire for as long as you need it. There is no limit to the distance it can be run.

Use conduit if running wire outside. This will be buried in the ground, and the wire will be inside. This is to protect the wire from the elements. If you are running wire to an out building and prefer it hanging from roof to roof, then you will need outside electrical supply wire and conduit that will come up through the roof. On top of this conduit, you will place a shroud to protect it from rain. This shroud has three holes to place the wire through. This will involve sealing around the conduit with either a rubber boot or tar. You can get these supplies at any hardware store that has electrical wire supplies.

Things You Will Need

  • Wire clips Hammer


  • Turn off all electricity before running wire.