How to Use a Rabbeting Router Bit

A rabbeting router bit is a bit used with a wood router that has a cutting blade, along with a bearing on its bottom. The bearing rolls along the wood while the cutting edge cuts away the wood to be removed. Rabbeting is essentially creating a channel along the edge of a piece of wood. For example, you might want to rabbet the inside edge of the back of a picture frame to create a seat for the glass.

Use a Rabbeting Router Bit
  1. Secure the piece of wood you will be working on firmly to a work table with clamps.

  2. Seat the router bit into the unplugged router, leaving about 1/8 inch between the bit and the bottom of the collet. Tighten the collet.

  3. Put on your safety glasses and dust mask.

  4. Plug in the router and turn on the power switch. Grip the router with both hands at all times.

  5. Run the router across the edge of the wood from left to right. Always run the router in the direction opposite of the bit's rotation to avoid the router twisting out of your grip or throwing the wood.

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