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DIY Firewood Bundler

Alex Smith

Loose firewood can be a safety hazard in your yard, and a hassle if you are selling excess wood. It is much easier and safer to bundle the firewood into smaller quantities. To do this you will need a bundler. A simple bundler can be made with two-by-four boards and a few wood screws.

Keep firewood contained in bundles.

It will hold small amounts of firewood in place while you tie cords in place.

  1. Position two 18-inch two-by-four boards and two 14-inch two-by-four boards into a box shape.

  2. Drill two pilot holes into each corner of the box. The pilot holes should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the wood screws.

  3. Assemble the box with 3-inch wood screws, inserting two into each corner of the box.

  4. Stand an 18-inch two-by-four inside each corner of the box.

  5. Drill three pilot holes through each corner of the box into the upright boards.

  6. Screw each upright board to the base with three 2 1/2-inch wood screws. The bundler will now resemble an upside-down table.

  7. Cut three 4-foot pieces of nylon cord and lay them across the bundler with an equal amount extending from either side.

  8. Place firewood into the bundler, perpendicular to the cords, until the bundler is full. The upright legs will hold the firewood in place.

  9. Tie the cords tightly together around the firewood and remove the bundle from the bundler.