How to Bundle Small Bundles of Firewood

Before you start a cozy fire in the winter, make sure that you have plenty of firewood on hand. Prestack and bundle firewood together so that is is convenient to carry indoors. You can use several types of materials, such as twine or 16-gauge wire, to hold the firewood bundles together. Wrap twine around a pile of firewood and tie it with a knot. The 16-gauge wire can be cut with a wire cutter and wrapped around firewood in such a way that the ends create interlocking hooks.

Step 1

Cut the bundling material, such as twine or wire, into pieces that you can wrap around the firewood piles. Cut an extra foot of length so that you can twist or tie the material around the wood.

Step 2

Lay one strip of bundling material on the ground next to the firewood that will be wrapped.

Step 3

Lay the second strip of bundling material parallel to the first strip. Space them far enough part so that when they are tied around firewood pile, they will be located close to the ends.

Step 4

Lay a couple pieces of firewood onto the bundling strips that were laid on the ground. Adjust the bundling strips so that they are located near the ends of the wood pieces.

Step 5

Stack the firewood into a pyramid-shaped pile on top of the bundling strips. Use as many pieces of firewood that you can carry in one load.

Step 6

Tie the firewood bundle together using the bundling material. Once the bundles are wrapped, tie the twine into a knot or bend the ends of the wire together so that they interlock.

Things You Will Need

  • Firewood
  • Twine or 16-gauge wire
  • Scissors or wire cutter


  • If you plan to use the bundles of wood as decor around your fireplace, cover the twine or wire with decorative ribbons.

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