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How to Drape Tulle on a Railing

Lily Mae

Whether you're hosting a formal event, such as a wedding, or you want to add a whimsical look to your home decor during a holiday, use tulle to dress up railings around your home. Either outside or in, tulle adds visual interest to a wrought-iron or wood railing, giving a touch of softness and an eye-catching look. Choose tulle in colors that match the decor of the event.

Add a delicate touch to hard railings with tulle.

Step 1

Measure the railing you want to cover with tulle and double the measurement. For example, if the railing is 12 feet long, you'll need 24 feet of tulle. Cut the tulle to that adjusted measurement.

Step 2

Tie the end of the tulle to the end of the railing in a loose knot. Gently drape and swag the material 2 to 4 feet along the side of the railing that is visible.

Step 3

Wrap the tulle around the top of the railing. Wrap one loop in the tulle and loosely pull it toward the side of the railing the remains to be decorated.

Step 4

Continue the process of draping and looping the tulle around the railing, as described in steps 2 and 3, until the railing is completely draped.

Step 5

Tie the end of the tulle in a loose knot around the end of the railing. Cut off any excess tulle at the end of the railing.

Step 6

Use hot glue to attach tulle bows or silk flowers to the center of 12-inch lengths of decorative ribbons.

Step 7

Tie the decorated ribbons around the ends of the railing to disguise the knots in the tulle. Tie the adorned ribbons around the railing at the points where the tulle loops around.