How to Install a Woven Wire Fence

Providing superior protection for livestock from predators, the woven wire fence has repeatedly proven its usefulness in the agricultural world. Contrary to what you might think, installing a woven wire fence is a simple, straightforward process. Available in a range of sizes and heights, woven wire fences are highly adaptable; you can customize yours for a specific species of livestock or you can create one that works for a variety of animals. The superiority of woven wire fences lies in its effectiveness as a physical barrier to keep livestock in and predators out. Other options include running strands of electrical wire or barbed wire along the bottom and top of your fence in order to discourage animals from rubbing on it.

  1. Choose the type of woven wire fence that works best for the type of livestock you own. A good overall woven wire fence that works for most species of livestock is a 12-gauge, 48-inch fence with 6-inch vertical stays. Remove all clamp wires from the roll of woven wire.
  2. Before attaching the wire to the post, prepare the wire by removing the first several vertical stays on the end. Cut the vertical wires with wire cutters. This leaves about 18 inches of the exposed horizontal wires.
  3. Starting with a corner post, stand the fence upright and wrap the exposed horizontal wires around the post. Splice the wires back onto themselves by wrapping the ends around the main portion of the wire several times. Secure the wires further by hammering 2-inch galvanized staples over them.
  4. Slowly unroll the woven wire fence roll along the ground, parallel to the fence line posts. Unroll it all the way to the next corner post and prop it carefully against the corner post.
  5. Lift the wire from the ground and lean it against the line posts. Attach a wire stretcher to the top and bottom of the woven wire fence and strain it with strainer clamps. Tighten the fence until the tension curves in the horizontal wires are straightened about one-third.
  6. Fasten the tightened wire to the wooden line posts using 2-inch galvanized staples. Drive the staples into the wood posts at a slight angle in order to keep the post from splitting. Fasten the wire to the steel line T-posts by twisting woven wire metal clips around the T-posts and the woven wire fence with pliers. Twist the metal clips several times to ensure that the fence is securely fastened.
  7. Clip the end of the fence with wire cutters at the second corner post. Attach the end of the woven wire fence to the second corner post in the same way that you secured it to the first corner post. Be sure to remove the vertical stays in order to provide enough horizontal wire to wrap around the corner post. Repeat the same process for each successive corner section of the fence.

Things You Will Need

  • Wire cutters Corner posts driven into the ground Line posts driven into the ground 2-inch galvanized staples Hammer 2 wire stretchers Strainer clamps Pliers Woven wire metal clips


  • Work with at least one other person.

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