How to Install Ceramic Tile Around a Bathtub

Installing Ceramic Tile Around a Bathtub can be simple or a little complex depending on the look your going for.

Install Ceramic Tile Around a BathtubInstall Ceramic Tile Around a Bathtub
This article will cover the basics needed to tile the standard tub deck.

This picture will give you a idea of what the framing looks like under your tub on a standard tub deck. Yours should have drywall and or cement board covering all of the framing. Start by installing the side / wall tiles, leave a 1/8" space along the area where the wall meets the top of a tub deck / base. This area will be caulked, caulk is flexible enough to allow movement, settling or expansion without cracking.

Dry-fit all the tiles in first, cutting and adjusting where needed to make for a smooth run when you start tiling. When installing the tile you will add the adhesive in small areas at a time and fill in the space as you go using spacers to get the right measurement for a grout lines. Finish by mixing the grout and running it across the tiles filling in the space left from the spacers for the grout line. After 20 minutes, wipe away all of the excess grout with a damp sponge and a bucket of clean water.

Almost every tiling job requires trimming tiles to fit around borders or obstructions. Straight cuts are relatively simple to make. However, shaping tiles to fit curves is very difficult it requires practice and a lot of patience.

Things You Will Need

  • tile cutter, notched trowel, rubber float, tape measure.


  • plan for success, because no plan is a sure plan to fail.

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