How to Clean Up Fake Antique Brass Door Knobs

Unlike their antiquated counterparts, faux antique brass knobs can be polished as they have no value beyond their original purchase price.

If you aren't going for the "shabby sheik" look, get out the polish and make them shine. Restoring the original luster to brass is simple. It will really gives those old knobs a fresh, new look. If you want to learn how to get those old knobs to shine, this is the article for you.

Remove the door knob from door by removing the screws on the knob plate (the part that touches the door). Pull the knob on each side away from the door. Removing the knob will ensure that the door paint is not damaged.

Wearing gloves, polish the knob by using a small amount of brass-specific polish on a clean rag. Rub it in a circular motion until the tarnish has been removed. This may take some time. It depends on the amount of tarnish on the brass. You want it to retain its antique look, yet not maintain any rust or dirt.

Pay attention to the details. Antique (and faux antique) brass door knobs often have precise detailing. Use a q-tip to polish any areas that a rag may have missed.

Once all of the tarnish has been removed, wipe the knob down with a clean rag until it is free of any polish residue. It should look as antique as it did the day of purchase, not marred by contemporary use.

Reinstall knob by pushing pieces together. Reinstalling the screws through the plate and into the door.

Wipe fake antique brass door knobs down daily to keep grime and build-up away from them.

Things You Will Need

  • Rubber gloves Screwdrivers Brass polish Rags


  • Be sure to wear gloves if you have sensitive skin as some polish could cause irritation.

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