How to Install Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are not only decorative, but they are functional as well. They make a waterproof shield between the wall and the moisture from the bath or shower. There are many styles and types of bathroom tiles, but they are all essentially installed in the exact same way.

Bathroom tiles are both functional and decorative.

Step 1

Make sure the walls and floors are clean, dry and flat before installing bathroom tiles. Remove wallpaper or existing tile if any.

Step 2

Find the center of the bathroom wall or floor and 'dry fit' your bathroom tiles to see if the pattern ends similarly on the edges. Use a pencil to mark vertical and horizontal lines where appropriate. You want the tile size to be consistent as they approach each end point.

Step 3

Apply the bathroom tile adhesive with the notched trowel, starting in the middle of the wall or floor. Set the bathroom tiles into the adhesive and place the spacers in-between each tile as you go. Be sure to give each tile a little twist to ensure a good bond with the adhesive. Cut the tiles with a tile cutter as needed to fit on the ends. You can also use sandpaper to smooth out the tile edges if they are sharp after you cut them.

Step 4

Let the bathroom tiles set in the adhesive overnight before finishing them with grout or caulk.


  • Use rubber gloves when applying the adhesive.
  • After cutting tiles, be sure to handle them carefully, their edges may be sharp.
  • Always wear goggles when cutting tile.
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