How to Clean Microfiber Fabric

Today's garments, upholstered furniture and drapes are often made from microfiber fabrics.

Clean Microfiber FabricClean Microfiber Fabric
Technically speaking, any synthetic fiber that measures less than one denier---a measurement used to measure the density of fabrics---is considered a microfiber. The most popular microfibers are polyester, ultra-suede and nylon. While microfiber fabrics are extremely durable and are known for their stain resistance, they still need to be cleaned.

Look at the tag. It is very important that you read your manufacture instructions for cleaning. On clothing or other items, it is usually on the backside of the tag and on furniture, it's an attached tag that is only removable by the consumer. You might also have an instruction manual. Read these instructions and adhere to them, especially if you are concerned about a warranty or if it is a valuable or a treasured item.

Launder your clothing. Sometimes, you can wash your microfiber clothing or other microfiber fabrics, like curtains, in the washer machine, usually in warm water. You should, however, turn your clothes inside out to help prevent any snagging. To prevent your clothes from shrinking over time, dry in the low or tumble dry setting on your drier. Again, follow all manufacture directions for both washing and drying.

Clean microfiber fabrics if the tag says it is safe to use water. First, vacuum up all dirt and debris. Then, use a gentile detergent, like Woolite, and mix with cold water. You should first test an area that is not seen to make sure cleaning does not damage the fabric. Dampen a cotton cloth or sponge and gently rub one section at a time until clean. Do not saturate your cloth or sponge and do not saturate the microfiber fabric. Repeat with plain cold water to rinse. When done, dry with a hair dryer to dry and brush with a soft brush to restore the fabric's original texture.

Clean microfiber fabrics with detergent alone if the tag says it is not safe to use water. In this case, it is best to first vacuum up the dirt and debris. Then, sprinkle some powdered mild detergent like powdered Dreft, all over the fabric. Use a soft brush to gently brush the detergent into the fabric. Then, vacuum it up. You can also try to use a dry cleaning detergent that is used on carpets.

Spot clean stains on microfiber fabrics. You can try using a mix of baking soda and water and gently rub with a rag. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it clean. You can also try using rubbing alcohol and a rag. Sometimes just using a baby wipe might do the trick. It is important that you do not soak the fabric and that you do not rub the stain further into the material. Always test an unseen area before using any cleaning techniques.

Call the manufacturer or a professional cleaner. When in doubt or when nothing seems to work, you may need a professional to clean it.

Things You Will Need

  • Water
  • Mild detergent
  • Cotton rag or sponge
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washer
  • Dryer


  • It is safest to follow manufacture directions for cleaning microfiber fabrics.

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