How to Build Floor to Ceiling Bookcases

If you have a lot of books, you know that they can end up all over the house if you don't have adequate space to organize them. A floor to ceiling bookcase can offer ample room for book storage, while taking up very little space in the room. Building a simple floor to ceiling bookcase for your home may seem like a daunting task, but a floor to ceiling bookcase is actually a straightforward construction project.

  1. Measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling. Cut two boards the length of that distance. These boards will be the sides of your bookcase.

  2. Measure and cut two boards the width that you would like the bookcase to be. These boards will be the top and bottom of your bookcase.

  3. Attach the top and bottom boards to the side boards with 2-inch nails. Use nails spaced every one or two inches. This creates the frame of your bookcase.

  4. Cut and attach the shelves. You can place them at equal distances apart. Wherever you place your shelves, it's a good idea to measure down from the top of the bookcase and mark an equal distance on each side to ensure your shelf will be straight. Attach the shelves to the bookcase by hammering several 2-inch nails through each side of the bookshelf and into the edges of each shelf.

  5. Paint or stain the bookcase. Use a drop cloth and ventilate the room well if painting inside. Or the bookcase can be left as is for a more natural look.

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